Instantly Predict Your Staffing Five Star

ezPBJ Releases Five Star Prediction tool

ezPBJ's Five Star Staffing Projections show your expected Five Star rating for the active, current quarter.

For example, on the Q1 2019 report due February 14, 2019 (for staffing hours between Oct 1 and Dec 31), ezPBJ will estimate and predict the Five Star Staffing rating that CMS will publish in late April.

This projection is based on the data you've entered for the quarter plus predictions of census and Expected Hours for your facility.

The Challenge is MDS data

For your PBJ rating, CMS uses MDS data to calculate your facility's census and Expected Hours.  Think of Expected Hours as a measure of the clinical complexity - or acuity - in your building.

Expected Hours are the secret sauce to Five Star ratings for many facilities.  The Expected Hours figure calculates what CMS thinks you SHOULD have for nursing hours based on residents' RUGs scores and the STRIVE staffing study.

With our sister company SimpleLTC, ezPBJ can analyze your live MDS submissions and calculate in real time the same census and Expected Hours results as CMS will.  For customers who do not use SimpleLTC, ezPBJ projects your Five Star rating using CMS provided Census reports and prior quarter's Expected Hours.


Manage Your Staffing Levels and Your Five Star Rating

ezPBJ's Five Star Staffing Projection tool allows you to predict your Five Star rating anytime in the quarter and project the impact of changing staffing levels.  For example, if you are predicting a 2 star, use our "What If" testing to see what it would take to get to a 3 star before the end of the quarter.  These estimates allow facilities to adjust staffing levels and expected Five Star ratings BEFORE the quarter even ends.