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ezPBJ is the leading web-based Payroll-Based Journal software.

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ezPBJ Pro Suite

  • Convert ANY staffing data to PBJ
  • Check data complies to CMS rules
  • Create Audit friendly PBJ report
  • Download PBJ XML file for submission

ezPBJ Fast File

  • Audit PBJ XML files before submission
  • Directly submit PBJ to CMS
  • Get CASPER reports in ezPBJ
  • Monitor reporting status via email

Free updates to stay compliant
No long term contracts
Unlimited users
No software to install

ezPBJ is the only software that can handle all your PBJ reporting. No manual data entry or VPN needed.

Why Do SNFs Prefer ezPBJ?

  • Complete 100% of PBJ in one tool
  • Handle multiple facilities in one place
  • Edit data & correct errors before submitting
  • Works with any existing payroll or timekeeping system – even ones that make PBJ files
  • Handle gotchas like midnight split, crossover staff and non-PBJ hours

See How Easy It Is to Master PBJ Reporting


Convert Timekeeping and Vendor Data


Review & Edit Staff, Census, and Hours


Error Check and Audit PBJ Staffing Report


Submit PBJ File to CMS with Sender Module

1) Import Payroll and Vendor Files

ezPBJ can import all your PBJ files – including standard timekeeping and staffing reports from virtually any timekeeping or payroll system as well as vendor, contractor and rehab files. The Import Wizard takes you through the import, mapping crosswalking. Your mapping is saved in a reusable template for the next quarter.

CMS PBJ Software

Import All PBJ Files

  • Payroll and timekeeping files
  • Rehab and vendor files
  • XML, CSV, excel files
  • Import Wizard walks you through the process

CMS PBJ Software

Create Reusable Templates

  • Map your Job Titles and Pay Types to CMS codes
  • Split shifts at midnight for reporting
  • Exclude non-direct care paid hours
  • Save unique templates to reuse every quarter

2) Manual/Bulk Entry

You can quickly add any data not in files. ezPBJ’s bulk tools make fast work of data entry for contractors or salaried employees. Also modify any of your imported data to reflect CMS guidelines like splitting hours based on multiple job titles and excluding non-direct care hours. Create an audit trail of changes with our Audit Notes.

CMS PBJ Software

Manually Add Any Staff

  • Contract and vendor staff
  • Exempt staff not in timeclocks
  • Staff that spend partial time at SNF
  • Corporate staff

CMS PBJ Software

Manually Add or Modify Hours Worked

  • Add salaried and contract hours
  • Split hours based on multiple Job Titles
  • Exclude individual non-reportable hours

3) Audit Data and Check for Errors

Ensure your PBJ report is accurate and complete before submitting to CMS. Use ezPBJ’s Visual Dashboards, Pivot Table and exportable reports to evaluate all your PBJ data Then use proprietary Error Checking to quickly identify any potential issues that could cause your file to be rejected by CMS.

CMS PBJ Software

Audit Visual Dashboard

  • Evaluate staffing data by Job Titles, Pay Types and dates
  • Drill down and stratify by specific categories
  • Review projected Five Star staffing calculations
  • Compare multiple facilities using staffing metrics

CMS PBJ Software

Run CMS Error Checks

  • Identify potential CMS submission errors
  • Isolate detailed specifics for correction
  • View helpful correction tips
  • Re-run error checks until file has zero errors

4) Create and/or Submit PBJ XML Report

ezPBJ creates your downloadable zipped PBJ XML file – ready for CMS submission – with the click of a button. Files are produced via your specified parameters and archived for easy accessibility. Or use the ezPBJ Sender add-on to submit your report directly to CMS.

CMS PBJ Software

Create PBJ XML Report

  • Aggregate all data in one file for single CMS submission
  • Select individual date ranges and process type
  • Files cataloged by name and creation date
  • One-click downloads

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ezPBJ converts standard timekeeping and staffing reports from virtually any timekeeping or payroll system such as Paychex, ADP, Paycor, Paycom, Kronos, SmartLinx, AOD, Novatime and many more. You can also use ezPBJ to convert and clean Vendor and Rehab files to PBJ format.