PBJ Gotchas

Quarter Not Matching
When uploading files to CMS, make sure the Federal Fiscal Quarter in your file matches the quarter you select in the system, or your submission will be rejected.

By February 14, facilities must report QUARTER 1, 2017 data (October 1 to December 31, 2016.)Calendar Day.

Lessons from Practice Submissions

The latest PBJ Policy Manual was released on January 5.

Getting Rejected by CMS
Many facilities are reporting CMS rejections due to a Hire Date mismatch - if you get a CMS rejection, see if your PBJ Final File Validation Report has an error message.

Recommendations from ezPBJ
CMS remembers your Hire Dates for existing staff from last quarter and is checking that you haven't changed their Hire Date.

  • If the Hire Date is different this quarter, ezPBJ's new Error Check will display and tell you how to fix the issue.
  • If your Hire Date was reported incorrectly the first time, log into CMS and manually correct the Hire Date
  • Don't forget PBJ data is auditable, and tenure is expected to be added to the Staffing Quality Five Star measure soon