On Wed, June 17, 2020, SimpleLTC and ezPBJ™ hosted a live webinar on PBJ reporting, covering the impacts of PBJ changes implemented during COVID-19 and answering your PBJ questions in an extended Q&A session. Based on questions asked, Jenn Moenck Feige with ezPBJ prepared this follow-up FAQ document.

What’s covered in the FAQ?

  • Will I eventually need to submit January-March PBJ data?
  • When is the next quarter due? When will we start reporting again?
  • Can we include the hours for physicians, pharmacists, etc. who are working “remotely” or via telehealth?
  • During the pandemic, can hours worked by therapists or therapist assistants covering CNA shifts be counted in PBJ time?
  • And many more

Download FAQ now

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About the expert

Jenn Moenck Feige is one of the founders of ezPBJ™, a software that provides CMS PBJ data scrubbing, analytics and submission. Jenn is now with SimpleLTC, leveraging her expertise to train thousands of customers on improving PBJ compliance.