Our Menu Has Changed!

As we look to add more features to improve PBJ auditing and validation, we felt it was time to rearrange and simplify our menu.  Don't worry - all the same great features you use are still there - nothing has been removed!

Click this image to view a picture of the changes, or continue reading below.

Assemble, Validate and Submit

These three functions are really why customers use ezPBJ.  We will be adding more Validation tools with the new PBJ Five Star methodology due in April.  And we're partnering with SimpleLTC to seamlessly transmit PBJ files through their great software.

So our menu has been simplified to prepare for these enhancements:


We've blended our first three steps of 1) Import, 2) Map and 3) Review and Modify into our new item 1) ASSEMBLE.  Everything continues to work as it always has, they are just consolidated into a single location.


These great analysis and validation tools are only getting better.  We've made it easier to get to our charts, or Visual Dashboards and we've left room for a few more tools we're working on.  And we've updated the menu names to make it even more intuitive on how to get PBJ validation done.


With the addition of ezPBJ Sender last spring ezPBJ finally became a one-stop-shop for managing PBJ reporting.   More and more customers are using Sender and we expect many more to take advantage of our upcoming integration with SimpleLTC.  You can still create and download your PBJ files here, as well as submit and manage your PBJ validation reports if so licensed.