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Get expert Payroll-Based Journal help today! Learn what skilled nursing facilities around the country are doing to prepare and report their Payroll-Based Journal staffing data. Get personalized advice to make your PBJ submission process easy and accurate. Schedules are updated in real time. You decide when we meet.

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    ezPBJ Demo

    Learn how easy it is to prepare Payroll-Based Journal reports with your current staffing and vendor data. See how to avoid the PBJ gotchas and submit perfect PBJ reports every time.

    In our live demo, we’ll even scrub YOUR payroll or vendor XML files for errors before you submit them to CMS!

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    PBJ Report Preparation

    Do you have all the PBJ data you need? Have you established effective audit trails? Have you defined your PBJ reporting responsibilities and roles? Have PBJ figured out but just have a couple questions?

    Set up time with our PBJ experts to get the PBJ reporting answers you need!