Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll-Based Journal

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CMS Connection and Submission

In order to access the CMS Payroll-Based Journal you will require two accounts:

1. CMSNet User ID to access secure CMS sites. To request this account, visit: CMSNet Online Registration.

2. QIES Submission ID to access the Payroll-Based Journal and CASPER Reporting websites. When you register for a CMSNet User ID, you will be emailed instructions to connect to the “CMS Secure Access Service”. Once securely connected, select the “CMS QIES Systems for Providers” link to access the QIES online “User Registration” tool.

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Logging into the CMS Payroll-Based Journal is a multi-step process:

  • 1. Go to the QTSO submission access page: Click on your state and follow the prompts.
  • 2. Enter your CMS Secure Access Service account username and password. This will connect you to the CMS network allowing you access to their private websites (including PBJ).
  • 3. The QIES System webpage will be displayed. Click on the PBJ Submissions link.
  • 4. Enter your PBJ user id and password. This is a different account then you used for CMS Secure Access Service.

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