Customer Success Story

The State of California provides long-term care to resident veterans. The eight current Homes are a system of live-in, residential care facilities offering a comprehensive plan of medical, dental, pharmacy, rehabilitation services and social activities within a homelike, small community environment. The Homes range in size from 60-1000+ residents.

The Challenge

CalVet Homes faced significant PBJ reporting challenges. They use hand-written time-keeping forms to track staff hours and compile the data into an Access database for reporting and analysis. They began their roll-out with the 215 bed Chula Vista facility. With 215 staff, contractors sometimes working shifts over midnight and admin staff providing direct care, CalVets faced a daunting reporting task.

ezPBJ Results

CalVets has been thrilled with their results and will be expanding the use of ezPBJ throughout their network. Some of the outcomes they enjoyed include:

  • Easy submission – they have successfully uploaded multiple reports to CMS
  • Painless process – their limited managerial staff can focus on patient care quality
  • Initial Quality Check – The review and quality check ensures they send the right data the first time.
  • Low cost of submission – “It’s worth taking away the headache,” notes Lael Hepworth, Chula Vista Administrator.

ezPBJ helped CalVets Veterans Homes comply with CMS’ PBJ requirements well in advance of the submission deadline and gave them confidence that their PBJ reports were accurate with each submission. Let us show you how we can ease your reporting burden easily, effectively and affordably. Download this Payroll Based Journal Customer Success Story


Skilled Nursing Facility

PBJ Challenge

  • Paper timekeeping records
  • Work shifts over midnight
  • Admin staff give direct care
  • Limited management staff


The State of California Veterans Homes have deployed ezPBJ at all 6 of their skilled nursing facilities.

Bottom Line

  • Converted paper data to the PBJ rules
  • Successfully submitted to CMS within days of launching ezPBJ
  • Minimized reporting effort for limited staff