Alpha Care Customer Success Story

Alpha Care Properties is a group of three well-established long term care facilities throughout Oklahoma. With 200 employees staffing the three facilities, Alpha Care Properties provides a wide range of long term care services and is one of the most highly-rated networks in the state.

The Challenge

Alpha Care Properties initially attempted to manually enter their data into the CMS system. After a month and dozens of hours of effort, Alpha Care Properties researched and compared multiple options. The combination of ease of use, comprehensive features and cost of ezPBJ provided the answer Alpha Care Properties needed.

ezPBJ Results

Alpha Care Properties was thrilled with their results and will be expanding the use of ezPBJ throughout their network. According to Linda Brannon, Alpha Care’s General Manager, “ezPBJ is pretty darn amazing!”. Some of the outcomes they enjoyed include:

  • Streamlined operation – they saved many hours on their monthly reporting process
  • Comprehensive payroll data integration, including Time Force time-keeping data and contractor data
  • Low cost of submission: ezPBJ was the lowest cost option Alpha Care researched

ezPBJ helped Alpha Care Properties comply with CMS’ PBJ requirements well in advance of the submission deadline without major disruption to their regular administrative and reporting. Let us show you how we can ease your reporting burden easily, effectively and affordably.


Long Term Care

PBJ Challenge

  • Work shifts over midnight
  • Admin staff give direct care
  • Contract specialist staff


Alpha Care Properties initially implemented ezPBJ at at one location. They are in the process of expanding its use throughout their network.

Bottom Line

  • Translated time clock data
  • Seamlessly integrated contractor data
  • Successfully uploaded first CMS file submission