About ezPBJ

Learn more about why ezPBJ continuously seeks to make payroll-based journal easier for our skilled nursing customers.


The Why

ezPBJ was created when an IT Director at a skilled nursing facility was searching for a suitable, cost-effective PBJ solution and saw what the industry was facing:

The What

Based in Rochester NY, ezPBJ is a small business – like many of our customers! This ensures you are always working with a PBJ expert and enables us to quickly adapt our software to new changes and needs.

  • Platforms But No Applications

    Workforce tools were unprepared for this industry-specific problem. Those that were creating PBJ reports were demanding expensive upgrades and long term contracts.

  • Increasing Costs to SNF's

    As compliance burdens continue to rise on our industry, no new vendors were coming forward with cost-effective new tools.

  • Lack of Focus and Timeliness

    Big payroll and enterprise software companies serve many industries and weren’t responding to an immediate need faced by Skilled Nursing Facilities. Knowing the requirements will continue to evolve, how will they continue to keep pace?  ezPBJ regularly updates our software with the latest changes to the PBJ policy.

  • Ongoing, Regular Enhancements

    We update ezPBJ monthly, and sometimes more often, based on customer feedback – in an ongoing effort to make our software the most easy to use for your CMS PBJ reporting.

  • No Upgrade or Hardware Costs

    ezPBJ is cloud-based software, so there is no hardware to purchase and install. No expensive upgrades are necessary to your existing systems.

  • World Class Security and Access

    Our software is hosted and delivered to customers from Microsoft Azure Data Centers, ensuring ezPBJ customers receive world class security, privacy, control and transparency.